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This site is about educating new business-world comers about terminologies (words with long meanings) - that they hear from their surrounding environment & careers.

We care to educate you about the words's meanings for better communications with others in your world, and you become more educated !!

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That is because me, and my colleagues, hold an average of 20+ years careers – per partner. Each specializes in a business field ( Trade, Finance & Management ) ; but all have extensive knowledge and experience in their field of specialty.

Currently, we are all located in Jordan – Middle East, but we have worked abroad for years, and that enriched our experience more and more ...

Hope you would enjoy your visit to our small "articles knowledge base" , and you would bookmark us and come again , to learn more and enjoy !!

And ... Do you have something to say ? A question or a comment ? Have your say delivered here.

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