More Customers .. Not always required !

Yes, more customers isn’t always right !! Imagine !! You need the right clients, even if that is less than having a large database of headache creating and profit-draining clients.

Because , bad customers;

  • Don’t pay you !!
  • Push you to reduce your profits.
  • Don’t communicate well !!
  • Demand extra revisions, extra support .

So, if you have some problematic clients .. More of them means more problems for your business, and more costs to operate .

So, how great clients act ?

  • Great clients pay well – give you more profits .
  • Great clients pay you on time !!
  • Great clients don’t demand extra works !
  • Great clients let you follow your policies and procedures.

HearthSongIf this is so clear .. Why don’t everyone do business with great clients?

Well… because great clients can’t be chased , they have to be attracted !! You have to give them a great environment ( causes ) to come for you, same as a magnet !!


How to do business with great clients?

1st – Act “professionally”.

Great clients are mostly professional, and like to work with similar parties !!

If you don’t believe there are “great clients” in the market, you won’t find them – as you won’t prepare your business and procedures to handle their special requirements – and they won’t be “attracted” to you as well – a mutual beneficial relationship !!

You don’t need a lot of customers really ; who see you as a cost-burden for them, and want to benefit more from you. You want great customers , who would respect your business and your need to grow and continue your operations .

2nd – Be selective when dealing with clients !

You shouldn’t look to “collect” clients , even if your business is new, be selective – think of the market’s “cream of the cream” and work towards it, look for the “great” clients and how to serve them, promote your skills and show what differs you from others .. This is important.

Don’t chase the clients , they would notice what you are doing to secure their business , and would start asking for more, much more – gifts, discounts, bonuses and so on.

Set yourself / your business to show professionalism and able to serve the clients’ needs, meet their expectations and great clients would reach you then – simple.

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3rd – Filter your clients !!

Yes, filter the prospect that is coming for you by asking detailed questions about the task / order that is being offered for you. Better understanding of the prospect’s requirements and expectations , gives you a deeper understanding of your own abilities and benefit for fulfilling such demands, or not !


Now, you decided whom to do business with , so what ?

You have to work your best, and deliver… or better saying : OVER DELIVER.

Yes, deliver more than what you great clients expect from their interaction with your company – what you are offering, how you are offering it, when and details related for what you are delivering.

You should care for “what you feel” when delivering – corporate or individual feeling ! Yes, you should be happy for what you are offering, and be generous too , clients note your kindness, caring and generosity and would compensate that for you , generously too.

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Understand that : When you serve a great client, he/she would refer another “great client” , and more of good is better !!

The total profit from this great client, and the more he/she would bring to you is really worth the hard work associated , and the time & efforts given to accomplish the work required ..

– Do you think you are dealing with great clients ? Let us know in the comments form down . Thank you in advance for sharing.


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