Alibaba VS AliExpress

5% Off Sitewide with Promo Code EXTRA5 and AliExpress are two platforms that we hear about much , especially when talking about the success of in the eCommerce businesses.

These two platforms are sister companies in one group named: “Alibaba Group” , that plays a leading role in the online retail world and eCommerce transactions, especially from Republic Of China !!

Yet, and AliExpress offer for different benefits for each site’s targeted buyers, as well as different benefits for sellers too . We will discuss these matters more in the coming lines.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba group was established by the legendary entrepreneur, Jack Ma in Hangzhou, China in 1999 , with the mission “To make it easy to do business anywhere.”

Other subsidiaries of Alibaba group include: Taobao, Tmall, Lazada Group, Alibaba Cloud, Alipay, and Alibaba Pictures Group.

 What is Alibaba.Com Site ?

Founded in 1999 , started operations by specializing in cross-boarder B2B ecommerce provider with a base in China – currently reaching 190 countries – 755 Million mobile users in a business revenue of around 54 Billion USDs / year .

Alibaba specializes promoting Chinese products online for buyers around the world. You can search and find any kind of products or suppliers on Alibaba.Com, and communicate to do business easily.

Alibaba succeeded in offering other related services, like online paying platform, support groups for both the sellers and buyers, as well as products inspection services – on behalf of the buyer – and other facilities. Services that any online & outside the country buyer will need to insure the quality of what he is purchasing , and would be happy to pay for too !!

Sellers have showrooms online to show their products to prospects, and to give general prices, and receive communications easily – Alibaba truly facilitated business across borders, and became China’ legend of eCommerce.

Sellers on Alibaba.Com varies ; wholesalers, exporters, trading companies , factories, agents / distributors for other companies, any kind of a seller – based in China or Hong Kong only.

We should mention that Alibaba sellers sell on lots ( big quantities ) and to corporates only, they do not sell in pieces , many have Minimum Quantities To Order ( MOQ ) to be able give extra low prices, and make some profits too !!

What is AliExpress?

Alibaba.Com is the online B2B platform ( business-to-business ) , while AliExpress is the online B2C platform. AliExpress is the retail division of Alibaba.

AliExpress sellers specialize in selling low quantities ( even pieces ) to individual clients around the world. They methods of payment are different, also their shipping options are. They are similar to major selling websites , like Etsy or Amazon .

AliExpress has other services for their clients, like currencies exchange tools online, payment tools , buyer protection ( damages or missing items ) and other options.

Typical sellers on AliExpress include: beauty, tools, home improvement, and appliance retailers, as well as clothing, electronics sellers. The list is huge really !! vs. AliExpres – Compare by features

The table is courtesy by Alibaba.Com - we thank you for it. AliExpress
Marketplace type B2B B2C
Typical buyers Businesses Consumers, resellers
Typical sellers Manufacturers, wholesalers, trading companies, exporters Retailers
Fixed annual fee for sellers Yes No
Commission per sale for sellers 0% (in most countries) 5-8%
Custom storefronts Yes Yes
Auto translation Yes Yes
Secure payment portals Yes Yes
Buyer countries and territories 190+ 200+
Seller countries and territories 200+ 6
Request for Quotation (RFQ) Yes No
Shipping time 15 days to months 1-4 weeks
Drop shipping support No Yes
Product Raw materials, customizable products, ready-made products Ready-made products
Pricing Negotiable Fixed
Shipping cost Vary depending on the shipping terms agreed upon by buyers and sellers Typically free
Minimum order quantity Yes No
Private labeling Yes No
Financing options for buyers Yes No
Order protection Yes Yes
Dispute resolution Yes Yes

Well, we have covered it all . Why don’t you check Alibaba.Com or AliExpress.Com Sites based on your preferences , and enjoy their features.


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