Are Search Engines Male Or Female?

Are Search Engines Male or Female  – MSN & Google ?

A lot of articles discuss “how to please the search engine” , “how to get the search engine’s interest to raise your rankings…” , “search engines results” , “your articles should get search engine’s acceptance” , and more of such matters.

But as far as I know; No-one has EVER previously tried to understand the search engine’s Gender: How do they behave in their works … Do “they” behave more like a man, or more like a woman? Understand their gender can surely help us to gain a better insight into how to appeal to them – discussing web sites’ related subjects

Thinking of the most famous search engines lead us to : “MSN” ( MSN.Com ) is very clear: MSN is a man !!

Everything about MSN is straightforward: You do the right thing and you WILL BE recognized: Follow the advice of the experts and you will surely rank highly on MSN –  as long as your competitors are less diligent in this respect than you. Good content, relevant titles, keyword-related metatags, well-connected pages, varied keywords & concrete text content, and be happy to get the highest rankings ( if not the 1st ranking in your subject ). MSN search engine acts as a man… What you see is what you get !!

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Is Yahoo! ( Yahoo.Com ) a man or a woman? Well, we discussed this matter in our offices before writing this article, and frankly we found it hard to decide, we feel it is a UNISEX Search Portal !! Say what !!

Sometimes Yahoo! works as straightforward as a man: do the right thing, do your work, fill your content, write good articles, clear graphics and pictures on the site, no hidden texts, and Yahoo! appreciates your work, and raises your rankings . But that is not a guarantee to grab its attention: Sometimes, Yahoo! Acts like a woman… immune to your blandishments, whatever you did , the end result isn’t as you wanted, and don’t know why ??
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Google ( Google.Com ) … That is surely all woman, with womanly wiles and deeply imbued with womanly mystery!!

If you want to get the right results from Google, you need to learn the art of digital seduction. You try to optimize blog / website to rank highly when someone searches Google for a keyword, still Google search engine acts like a woman …  She is always just out of reach!!

She will not reveal her secrets for even the largest bunch of e-rewards. You know that you have the best content in your category, a lot of quality links, deep pages and deeper links, concrete text blocks and articles are well-written, more of everything that is supposed to drive higher ranking than any of your competitors. In this & some other sites we operate, there are like thousands of competitive keywords, many links well-built ( in bounding & out bounding to & from the sites ) , and a lot of positive feedback on many of our sites ( this site is new frankly ) … Is this enough? Well, yes and no.

I may have the best positions on all the search engines; but whereas my positions are undisputedly dominant and a site may rank in the top 5 list in MSN search results, they are only excellent or even moderate ranking in Google searches lists. I review, very well , the keywords most people use ( with services like Answer The Public , or KwFinder site ), but I – still – don’t blow away the competing pages, like I do on the others.

Google has recognized my worth, somewhat, but she has not opened herself to me entirely !! When acting like a woman, Google has her favorites: sites which appealed to her long ago, and may not be an interest for a searching observer, can still be favored with a top position with Google.

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Google is also fickle, an example that happened to a client of me once: He has been trying to increase his page’s ranking position for a single keyword for nearly 6 months then. ( A fairly competitive category with around 36 million sites featuring this keyword). When I started my efforts I was at about ranking 85 – fair as a start. I worked with the client’s web content creators to build anchored text links with this single word into directories, into articles, into listings on other sites ( like Pinterest.Com ) .. Everywhere!! I used all “SEO” enhancing techniques …

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After 3 months continuous working : I find I moved the client’s page to a respectable position: say 10th or even 6th or around , then the next day, or even an hour later – the page falls back to 20th or even 25th once.

Google – as a lady search engine – likes me, she flirts with me occasionally, she tolerates my company & sometimes, I even manage to amuse her – so my rankings get higher. But just when I think I could expect that I would start the dance with her, I am banished to the outer cluster of the e-world!!

But she still likes me; she draws me back again to her world attempting to understand her mysteries… I may gain a higher position in its pages, but why ? I would never know the merits involved. It is Google !!

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